Friday, May 9, 2008

Back Home

We have all now returned back to our respective countries, the U.S. and Canada with the hopes of getting the word out and creating links of solidarity. For any that wish to help you can give money to the ISC Haiti fund. 100% of this money will be sent to CTH programs that directly support rank and file workers in Haiti. Checks can be made out to "IWW" with the words "ISC Haiti fund" in the notes section. Send checks to:

PO Box 23085
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Paul "Loulou" Chery, the General-Secretary of the CTH can be reached at the following email, phone numbers and address: or

tel: 3424-5959
fax: 256-7268
cell: 3551-0499

117, Rue des Miracles
Haiti W.I.

We are all now involved in giving talks and interviews and are willing to do so for whoever would like to contact us.

Nathaniel and Justin in Philadelphia can be reached at the following emails: and
Joseph in Alaska at:
And Cody in Alberta at:

To contact the IWW's International Solidarity Commission, email


Suecae Sounds said...

Hey guys. You should set up a paypal account. It may attract people who cannot send checks.

Patty Bender said...

Am trying to get the Kreyol words to "Solidarity Forever".

Bob Bender